The post below this one doesn't mean there won't be posts above it or that either story ends.

You confused "old-think" yesteryear people can just sit there, scratch your head and wonder how the hell you got beat so God-damned badly by some shit you never saw coming...because you ignored it.

All that happened today is a hydra grew another head and wants to kick every available ass with it. I actually feel sorry for people. This shit's getting wild.

I unfortunately had to part ways with Disobedient Media today. We are headed in different directions with both being equally necessary and now. I genuinely have nothing but the utmost of respect for Disobedient Media as an investigative journalism outfit, and will be continuing to support their technology needs to enable them to succeed at what they do and how they do it.

Disobedient Media is going to be a big part of bringing the truth about (((The Swamp))) into the light of day. And, you're going to want to be able to say you saw it at the source. They will make history, and I am honored to have been a small part of that.

The system known as Disobedient Media Live is based on the Decentralized Open Platform. And, is likely to continue (in some form) as a service to auto-aggregate news, blast it to Twitter, etc., every ten minutes as one of the Internet's only unstoppable sources of real news. And boobies. For whatever reason, 'that one feed' just has to mix the news with boobies. And, I will never build a filter for that. Neither will DM. Those boobies have no bias. They are the truth. And, this is fine.


DOP was built for the constant delivery of real-time media at scale. All media. Everything. Text, audio, video and some things you haven't even considered possible. I truly mean everything. But, this is just not what DM does. They research until they find truth, then they write about it. And, for the love of all things sacred and holy, this should never change.

What ended up making the most sense was to decentralize what was happening here in terms of advanced media publishing.

My Frustration

I have a lot going on in my life that I don't bitch about online in a non-stop stream and apologize for letting that bleed into this effort. I will live the rest of my life saying, "I probably could've handled that better," as many an HR department has tried to explain to be before. But, I push hard. The error here was pushing this team in a direction they aren't comfortable going. There is simply no excuse to traverse the ask, tell, force paradigm. I'm sorry.

Media, generally, is a passionate industry. It's why (I swear) I struggle to stay behind the scenes and just make things happen. I am not a "customer-facing" person. I'm a programmer trying to show people how something works and my life right now has it where being ignored is beyond frustrating. So, rants happened.

The average difficulty of my day is something that shouldn't bleed into the lives of others. It did.

What ended up making the most sense was to decentralize what was happening here in terms of advanced media publishing. DM needs a blog. As of today, they do not need microphones, cameras, lights, a set, etc. They simply aren't in your face 24/7 with anything. When they drop a report, the world changes. Depending on which chapters of which book(s) you read, God took a week. So...yeah. DM is impressive. It is.

It's why I was here.


What is likely here is that is going to become a great place for DM to publish and for their readers to discuss the news in new ways if they like it. And, if not, then DM will likely just remain a WordPress blog with Disqus comments. It works. That is seriously all that matters. It works. They publish.

Another reason Live will likely stay here is automatic news aggregation and tweets. Even if no one is using the rest of the whole service, simply having a searchable archive of automatic news means the Internet isn't as censored as it would be without it. Because DM knows this is a big world and the truth is having trouble finding its way. So, what this service does has value. And, what DM adds to this service by simply being among you here to join the conversation is very valuable.

Over time, I half expect to just outright replace WordPress as the domain's primary publishing technology. Because this system is about to go ballistic.

And, for details about that?'re just gonna have to keep an eye on the front page of Because if they think whatever's happening next is news? That is where their discussion about it will be :)

Are you really the one who's going back to a network that was stolen by a twerp (Facebook)?

Or, are you the one headed back to the one run by a authoritarian censoring socialist/globalist who's in love with #BlackLivesMatter, a terrorist organization? That's Twitter.

Or, are you the one who sees something like this happening, gets scared about it being the thing that means you don't get to be an information gatekeeper anymore, and does whatever you can to shade it?

If you believe you aren't those people, those are the companies, concepts and type of people you support every time you log in pretty much anywhere else. And, in doing that, you are no better than a Nazi brownshirt.

I mean, after all...they were just following orders and the crowd. Is that you?

You're the enemy.


Going Forward...

The reality of the situation is that I'm going to be returning to California to grow cannabis and likely make edibles and produce dried flower for both medical and recreational use. Reached out to a friend from many years ago who brought the idea up a while ago, and asked what all is involved. I'm liking it. I'm liking it a lot.

Because this isn't going to work. The only way to launch a product like this in 2017 is with a content team, and I don't have one of those. I have writers. But, they will not touch a video camera or microphone. So, this is the wrong team and the wrong venture for me yet again.

And, I was clear on the way in, too: I need a MEDIA team. They wanted to be it. So, we merged. And, as this technology can still immensely help Disobedient Media, it's simply a gift. They can write their stories on it and publish into their channel as often as they see fit. I'm going to continue operating this. I'm also going to keep developing it and crafting it into the vision I have for the next online reality. I'm just going to be slowing down as I will have other more important duties in my day.

Looking Back

Since starting this project, I have never looked toward it for money. I always find money elsewhere to put into this project and make it happen. I've never collected a single red cent for working on this. I eventually will, but while it's building that is not appropriate. It needs the financial resources just to stay online now that we've enabled more media hosting and are only going bigger with it.

Am I mad? Yes. I'm sick of being misled by people who think they know what they're up against. And, I'm still searching for a real media team that would actually like to put this platform to good use and change the world. Is that you? Great! You have many ways to reach out to me. Let's finally get this job done together!

I've been saying it for too many years, now: I NEED HELP to make this work. I don't need technical help. I don't need a programmer. I don't need anyone from tech to help make this happen. What I need are people who are simply comfortable sitting in front of a camera or microphone...every day...getting paid to tell people the news. That's it. That is your WHOLE JOB - tell the people the news. Just use your mouth and not your fingers. That is all I ask.


Reach out to me at today. I genuinely need to hear from you and quick. Just someone who can read the news out loud on camera or on a microphone. And, you will be starting on a microphone. You can even use a teleprompter, notes or just read straight off of a web page. I do not care. I simply need media. Actual media.

If I had the real time to dedicate to it WHILE also building out the whole platform's technology, I swear to Christ at this point, I would. And, I'm going to start doing what I can with that while just slowing down here after this weekend. Because if there is NO MEDIA to host here, the site has the wrong God-damned name.

Here on Live, the stuff you didn't write doesn't go on your wall on purpose. It's buried in your Pinboards, instead. Sure, you can always just share a link right here, but that is technically something you did. It's something you wrote. So, it belongs on your page.

This site isn't about the people who make the news. That's their job. Most do it well. And, that's great. But, this site is about you. It's about your thoughts. It's about your discussions. And, that's why everything you see on your profile page is something you wrote or made.

It's also why we give you the freedom to create here. Not only do we not practice any form of censorship, we actually give you the space and tools you need to create, to inform, to evoke an emotion or to cause change. Whatever the goal, we're here to help you meet it if it's legal.

No. My account here does not have any special privileges. Mine is not the account used to "administer" this setup, and that doesn't happen through this interface anyway.

What do you think of the subdued red, white & blue color scheme? The colors of the Live user interface were all chosen by darkening a real US flag and using a color dropper in GIMP on Linux....and black. I have, however, specifically avoided Islamic Brown or any kind of color from nature in the Middle East (desert, sand, not water, etc.). I can not help that black is the color of the ISIS flag. I needed contrast and it works.

I mean, if you're curious: That is how the colors of this UI were born. I darkened a US flag and used a color dropper until I was "okay with" the result. The, I moved on.

Because I'm a programmer. I'm not an artist. I don't speak Color Wheel.

Live is online to provide a professional, enterprise-grade alternative to both the legacy media (for lying) and also the "alt" media and tech (for being incompetent). I am specifically talking about operations such as, Danger & Play/Cernovich Media,, Infogalactic and other ridiculousness.

We are a complete service that works, and new features will be arriving here daily. As they do, the operations I've named will begin to look more and more fraudulent. A month from now, and you'll understand why I am angry at the fact that they have a platform and audience.

They...are nothing. The only thing they have that this site doesn't is users. We are new. Check back in six months. Check back in a year. Some time between now and then, you will anyway. You won't be able to avoid us.

Personally? I'm not here to play nice. If they're going to choose that only one one of us gets to continue forward and cast nothing but shade on what I'm doing here? Well, then I am here to say: You can either quit, or realize my intention is to commit the first case of digital platform murder and prepare for the battle that you are going to suffer through and lose.

Live is going to break the whole Internet into pieces and let you discuss them in real time like never before. You only now catching a glimpse of what this platform can really do.

I might screw around & integrate the Polls module tomorrow. We'll see how long it takes me to get Channels and Articles up & running. I thing I might be able to get Channels, Articles and Polls done and pushed to prod tomorrow.

Polls were a stretch goal for this sprint. Looks like they'll make it.

We have something fun in store for people here, too. If posts you write become popular enough (get lots of pins & discussion), we will be promoting them automatically to the front page. That's one of the only algorithms we do have: Determining where within the system actual news is taking place and hosting it up to be seen in the same stream as professional news outlets around the world.

Again, welcome to Live! I really think you're going to enjoy this system as I get more of its vision built here for you to use daily.

My profile is not an example of how best to use Live, it is an example of what is possible with Live. Your creativity, ideas, thoughts and discussion are what are going to define this and help it take shape. This system is incredibly flexible and powerful. I can hear almost any idea and make it happen here. And, there are many reasons for this.

This system (in various forms) has been in development for almost 5 years. There is literally a weather service running under the hood of this beast. I just haven't built a UI template for it under this new system, yet. There are many other services on the way (and fast):

  • Advanced online media production tools
  • Podcasting, on-demand audio and music
  • On-demand video and live streaming
  • Mail and Instant Messaging
  • Enterprise-grade VoIP calling and conferencing useful for radio hosts/call-ins

Live is the "other side" of what we do. We are WordPress hosting experts, but we live for Live! It's a lot of fun to use Live, and nothing lets people build their own news feeds with custom writing and aggregated news faster than Live!